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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Prerequisites
  3. Adding Product Type
  4. Adding Product Detail
  5. Receiving Item in inventory
  6. Adjusting Stock Item
  7. Shipping Items from Inventory



This guide will show you the basics of Inventory in inBOLD. This article explains how to create a product type, add product details, add items in inventory, and how to adjust inventory items, all with step-by-step instructions.


Before adding an inventory item, users need to make sure supplier data is inputted into the system

Adding Product Type

Product Type can be added by users from the Inventory tab

1) Click on Dashboard -> Inventory -> Product Type -> New Item

2) Enter "Product Type" = "Local Product", Description = "This is description for Local product", IS Active = "Yes".

3) A screenshot for the "Add Product Type" page is provided below

4) Click on Save. The product type 'Local Product' will be added with the above data

Adding Product

5) Go to Dashboard -> Inventory -> Product -> New File -> Enter data in all fields

I have entered below data:

Product Name = 'Local Product1';Product Type = 'Local Product';Supplier = 'Test Supplier'; Tags = 'LPRD1'; SKU = 'LPRD1'; Supplier Code = 'TSTSU1'; Barcode = 'BSRLPRD1'; Weight='1.5 KG'; 'I Purchase This Item' = 'Selected'; Buy Price = '150$'; Account = 'Freight & Courier'; Tax Rate = 'Tax on Purchases'; Description ='This description is for my supplier';  "I Sell this Item= Selected"; Retail Price = 300; Wholesale Price = 250; Account = Mutual; Tax Rate = 'Tax on Purchase'; Description = 'This description is for my customer'. 

Data for the fields 'On Hand','Available','Committed' and 'Incoming' will NOT be editable by the user

6) Enter any value (ex. 5) in the Field 'Reorder Point'

7) A screenshot for the "Add Product" page is provided below


8) Now click on Save. Product details will now be created

(Note: Now that product detail is created, product items are not available in inventory)

9) To verify that the above product is created, go to Report -> Inventory Detail Report. There will be a record for the above product with 'On Hand', 'Committed' and 'Available' as 0 (zero).

10) Go to Dashboard -> Purchase -> New File

Create a purchase order for the above item with a quantity of 20 (for example)

(Follow User Guide - Purchase Order for Creating Purchase Order) 

Receiving Item in Inventory

11) Go to Dashboard -> Inventory -> Item Received

12) A screenshot for the "Item Received" page is provided below

13) Select "Supplier Name" which is selected while creating purchase orders, as seen in step 10

14) Select a purchase order number which is created in step 10

15) Select a product name from the 'Item Name' drop-down (this product name should be the name of the product created in step 8)

16) Enter To Receive = '20'

17) Enter data in all other fields such as Receive Date, Stock Due, Reference Number and Memo (The field "Total Units to Receive" is not editable. This field is referred from 'To Receive' field)

18) Click on Save -> Approve

Now items are received into inventory

19) Go to Report -> 'Inventory Detail Report' and verify that 'Items Available' and 'Items on Hand' for this product is 20

Adjusting Stock Item

20) Go to Dashboard-> Inventory -> Stock Adjustment -> New File

21) Select Reason as 'Return' -> Date = '2015-04-22' -> Notes = 'Returning one item'

22) Select 'Item Name' , 'Enter Quantity'=-1

(For removing items from Inventory,  user needs to put (-) negative value in 'Enter Quantity' field)

(For Adding an item into Inventory, User needs to put (+) Positive value in 'Enter Quantity' Field)

23) A screenshot for the "Stock Adjustment" page is provided below

24) Click on Save -> Approve

25) Now in the Inventory Report, items 'On Hand=19', 'Committed=0' and Available=19

Shipping Item from Inventory

26) Create a sales order for the above item with a quantity of 5

(Follow the "User Guide - Sales Order" for creating Sales Order)

27) While the sales order is in Draft, in the inventory report, the status of items will be as below 

('On Hand=19', 'Committed=0' and 'Available=19')

28) While the sales Order is in Active State, in the Inventory Report, status of Items will be as below 

 ('On Hand=19', 'Committed=0' and 'Available=19')

29) While the sales Order is in Finalized State, in the Inventory Report, status of Items will be as below 

 ('On Hand=19', 'Committed=5' and 'Available=14')

30) While the sales Order is in Fulfilled State, in the Inventory Report, status of Items will be as below 

 ('On Hand=14', 'Committed=0' and 'Available=14')




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