About CRM Module

CRM allows you to create and maintain leads, potential customers, contact information, accounts details, and sales opportunities, in one place. Also, there are various reports available to view and analyze sales-related data

Below, the dashboard within inBOLD allows users to maintain all their CRM activities


Components in CRM Module

Lead: A 'potential sales contact' is termed as a lead. A person or organization that expresses interest in your product or service is known as a lead

Users can maintain and analyze lead data in inBOLD

Potential: In marketing terms, a potential is at later stage of lead. This is when your organization has more information about your contact and they are showing interest in your service 

inBOLD allows users to create and maintain potential data

Quotes: You can create a quote for your customer on any product. Then, the same quote can be sent to a customer

Campaign: Any sales related campaign can be created and corresponding data can be saved for further analysis

Account: Accounts are the organizations' customers, partners, and competitors. Each account maintains data like contact, address, business type, etc.

Contact: These are contact information for your business like customer contact, partners contact, leads contact, etc.

Activity Event, Task and Call: Event and Task are important activities of a sales team. inBOLD allows you to track meetings and tasks together in lists and keep yourself updated about your leads, contacts, opportunities, accounts, and campaigns

Call feature allows users to add information for completed tasks

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