Creating My First App


Users can create custom applications using inBOLD. The system provides an easy to use drag-and-drop feature to create new forms which can be used to track Business Data.

Steps for Creating Simple App 

1) In the inBOLD Home page click on "Dev. Tools-App Builder" in left Navigation Bar.

2) Select 'Time Sheet'.

3) Click on "New -> Template -> Select 'New Blank Form'" -> Click on "Choose"

4) Below Page appears for creating a new Template.


5) Drag a "Text Box" and "Check Box" from Left Navigation. 

6) Add label to the Text Box as "Training Name" and Label to check-box as "Active"

7) Click on the "User Defined" Button.

8) Change the name of button to 'NEW'

9) Select expression as 'NEW'

10) Select Theme as 'Green'.

11) Click on "File -> Save".

12) Enter title as "Training" -> Click Save.

13) Click on "Publish", then select the user to whom you want to publish.

14) Click Publish.

15) Now this app is ready for the selected user for use.

16) The App builder UI looks as below after creating your new app:

17) Now the new app will be available in the user dashboard for further use.

18) Go to "User Dashboard" -> Find the new Tab "Training" -> Click on "Training".

19) Users can create a new Training here.

20) Below is the UI which appeared while Creating New Training:



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