Creating a Sales Order


Before creating a 'Sales Order', users need to make sure customer data is created and items are available in 'Inventory' for selling


Steps for Creating a Sales Order


1.  In the inBOLD homepage, click All Apps on the left navigation bar


2.  Click Sales


3.  Click on the New File button 


4.  This will open the Sales Order page


5.  Select any customer from the Customer drop-down list 

6.  Enter Issue Date and Shipment Date in the invoice

7.  Bill To, Ship ToEmail, and Phone Number will appear from Customer Profile so those fields are not editable

8.  Select any currency from Currency drop-down

9.  Select applicable Price List, Retail or Wholesale. The corresponding price of the item will be populated from the inventory table

10. The Assign To list will be populated with a contact person for the selected customer. Select any contact person for the invoice

11. Enter any data in the Reference field. This information will be available in the invoice sent to the customer

12. Enter any text in the Message to Customer field. This text will be available in the invoice sent to the customer

13. After you have filled those fields, you can start adding items by selecting any item from the Item Name drop-down list

14. Enter data in the Quantity field

15. Enter a Discount Percentage (if applicable) for the item

16. Add more items by clicking +> Insert Item Before/After

17. Click on Save. The sales order will be created in a Draft 

18. Click on Approve. The state of sales order will be modified to Active

19. Click on Finalize. The state of sales order will be modified to Finalized. At this stage, you can send invoices, add payments, and create packing slips. It will also deduct the Item Quantity to Stock Available and add on Stock Committed

20. Once the Transaction has been shipped, the state of sales order will be modified to Fulfilled. It will now deduct the Item Quantity to Stock on Hand

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