Adding and Deleting Payments

The Payment tab is set to be disabled by default. You can only add a payment once the sales order's status is Finalized 


Steps on How to Record a Payment

1.  On the 'Sales Order Transaction' screen, go to the Receive Payments tab


2.  The below figure is a screenshot of the 'Receive Payments' tab 

    1. Amount to pay 
    2. Payment Status
    3. Add Payment Button
    4. Payment Details


3.  You can record the payment in partial or full. The sample below has the total amount of $304.50. If you add a payment of $150, the status will change to Partially Paid and the remaining balance will be set to $154.50

4.  The status will be set to Paid if the total payment will be equal to the balance due


5.  The Send Receipt button will appear once the payment status will be set to Partially Paid or Paid


Steps to Delete a Recorded Payment


1.  Go to the Sales Order transaction screen > Received Payments tab

2.  Click the plus sign + > select Remove

3.  Click Save

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