Viewing and Sending a Sales Invoice Report

You are only able to view or send an invoice once the sales order has been finalized


Steps on Sending an Invoice to the Customer


1.  On the Sales Order transaction screen, click Send Invoice


2.  A pop-up page displays the details of the email that will be sent to the recipient. You can still modify the Subject, Message, or add Recipient



3.  The Customer will receive an email with a Pay Now button for making actual payments

4.  Customers can click the Pay Now button and will be redirected to a new tab that displays 'Invoice Report', 'Print Button' and 'Pay Button'



a.  Print - Export the invoice report to PDF

b.  Pay - Proceed to payment process


5.  The system will redirect to a Paypal screen for user's actual payment




6.  Customers fill in the required details, review the data, and then submit the payment



Steps on Viewing Invoice Report

 There are two ways to view the Sales Invoice Report


1.  View Reports via the dashboard page

a. In the inBOLD homepage, click Reports on the left navigation bar and then choose Sales Invoice on 'Report List'

b.  The 'Sales Invoice Report' will now open. Click Invoice Number on the drop-down field to select the invoice you want to view

2. View reports on the transaction screen

a.  On the Sales Order transaction screen, click the Invoice button


b.  A pop-up page will now display the report. Click Invoice Number from the drop-down field to select the invoice you want to view






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