Creating Report


User can create custom Report using inBOLD. System provides easy to use drag-and-drop feature to create new Report .

Steps for Creating Report: 

1) In inBOLD Home page click on "DevTools->Report" in left Navigation Bar.

2)Click on "New Report"

3)Below Page appears for creating new Report.


Data Sets: 

1)Click On DataSets "+"

2)Popup a new window "Datasource Designer" 

Below Page appears for creating Datasource Designer

3) Write SQL using Template Tables and Controls. Click on controls .It is select and show in SQL window.

4)click on "Run"  and check your SQL.

5)Give a Dataset Name  and Click on "Done"



1)Click On Parameter "+"

2)Popup a new window "Edit Parameter "

3)Select "Parameter Type" and put "Parameter Name", and select "parameter Value"

4)Click on "Done"

The Edit Parameter UI displays as below:

4)After Create DataSets and Parameter

Below Page appears for creating new Report.


Now We Use Report Items and DataSets

Drag a Report Item  like"Table","Grid","Lable" etc and DataSets like "Email" ,"MallingStreet", etc from Left Report Item and DataSets.

5)Click on "Save"

Below Page appears report design 


After complete design 

6)Click on "Preview"

7)Below Page appears report view



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